Cleaning a vacation rental property is completely different than cleaning your home. Especially today, the cleaning of rental properties is important. Where a primary residence may get a deep cleaning one or two times a year, Seaside Park rentals need full sanitization procedures in between ever renter. For most vacation property owners, it is more than worth the money to hire a professional cleaning company. For one, many owners are not local to their properties which makes it hard, if not impossible, to get to the house every time renters leave. Plus, they usually have a team of cleaners which makes cleaning a whole home much faster. Time is essential when turning a home over for new renters. But for some property owners, this just isn’t an option. For anyone who wants some tips on deep cleaning a home in a professional manner, read on.

Make a List

Step one is to always make a list. In order to ensure you get everything clean that needs it, having a list is crucial. Lists help you stay organized. For some people, it is helpful to make a list for each room.  Others may benefit by sectioning your to-do list by chore. When it comes to list making, just do whatever works best for you.

Lists also help keep you motivated. Not only do you get to see the physical results right in front of you, you get a sense of accomplishment every time you cross something off. When you first start, it may seem intimidating depending on how detailed you make your list. A few hours in however, you’ll see just how much you’ve already finished and how little you have to go.

Following a list also help you manage your time. By staying on-task, you waste a lot less time by staying focused on each chore. Rather than being in the middle of four partially finished tasks, don’t start another item on the list until one is crossed off. Multi-tasking can be beneficial in many cases, but when it comes to cleaning, you may often find yourself in a messier situation.

Declutter Seaside Park Rentals

Want to know the number one way to make cleaning easier? Have less stuff to clean! While it can be tempting to fill your vacation rental property with cute knickknacks and ocean décor, try to avoid overdoing it. If it is not a necessity, give serious consideration to leaving it out. Prior to the global pandemic, it was a nice addition for renters when Seaside Park rentals offered linens. Now, unfortunately, keeping rentals free of as many home textiles as possible is better for both your renters and yourself. This means much less laundry in between reservations and less money spent on replacing worn sheets and blankets. The added benefit of less stuff in a rental property is reduced damage and theft. Make your life easier on so many levels and declutter your Seaside Park rentals before you clean.

Cleaning Seaside Park Rentals Starts at the Top

If you think about it for just a moment, it makes complete sense to always start cleaning at the top. For example, imaging spending an hour vacuuming and mopping and then moving on to dusting. The result is a whole other round of vacuuming and mopping. Start with ceiling, wiping off crown molding and ceiling fans. Then, progress downwards working on wall décor, door knobs, and light switches. This is also a great time, prior to vacuuming, to change linens and other accessories. Last should always be baseboards and floors. Following the top-down rule of cleaning is another way to keep you on task and efficient.

If You Can See It, Clean It

When it comes to true deep cleaning, if you can see it, you should be cleaning it. Sometimes, you should even clean it if you can’t see it. This should include tasks like dusting and polishing. Anything made of wood like furniture and cabinets should be cleaned, dusted and finished with an appropriate wood polish. Deep cleaning in terms of floors should start with moving all of the furniture. Then carpet shampooing and getting into all the corners of wall-to-wall carpeting with the crevice tool on your vacuum. In addition to all the surfaces you can see, don’t neglect your sinks and drains. A good helping of baking soda and white vinegar. Let that sit and bubble for a bit and then rinse with hot water. This’ll help freshen up any drain in your Seaside Park rentals.

Cleaning is So Important for Seaside Park Rentals

Seaside Park rentals are best cleaned by following a list; checklist on left side of triptic of house plants, cleaning products, and paint roller

Even before the pandemic, cleaning was important. But now it is absolutely essential. For most vacation rentals, hiring a professional cleaning company is the only option. They not only have access to professional grade cleaning products, they can turn a rental property over in a few hours. This is essential during peak season. One of the best ways to find cleaners for Seaside Park rentals, check with an experienced realtor like Birchler Group. If this is not an option for you, consider consulting with one or checking with your municipality to stay up-to-date on current cleaning protocols. When it comes to deep cleaning Seaside Park rentals, our top tips are to make a list, reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do, and always start at the top. Happy cleaning!

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