Open end of duct work filled with dust and debris

If you have an HVAC system, you have duct work in your home. Never seen it? No one other than the people installed it probably have. Hidden away behind walls, in ceilings, and in soffits, homeowners rarely, if ever, think about let alone look at their duct work. It is completely normal for a homeowner to be completely oblivious about the state of their duct work. It is impossible for any layman, without the proper tools, to even begin to examine a ductwork system. The question remains, do you need duct cleaning in Monmouth County? The answer is a bit convoluted. Sometimes yes and sometimes no is the honest answer. Steer clear of companies that tell you any different. Let’s take a closer look at duct services in order to determine if you need to call for duct cleaning in Monmouth County.

What is Duct Cleaning in Monmouth County?

Most people don’t know much about the important system of ductwork that helps to heat and cool homes. Therefore, it is not hard to understand why duct cleaning is such a confusing step of home maintenance. On the surface, the term duct cleaning seems simple enough. However, duct service as a whole is a very involved process. The goal of duct cleaning in Monmouth County is to improve indoor air quality and enhance HVAC efficiency by removing dust, debris, and blockages from inside ductwork. It also includes the cleaning and tuning up of other heating and cooling equipment such as the exterior of the furnace, air ducts and vents, drip pans, and coils. This is important in order to keep HVAC units running smoothly and to remove dangerous air particles and irritants.

Do You Need Your Duct Cleaning in Monmouth County?

Woman sneezing who lives in a home that needs duct cleaning in Monmouth County

Scam artists try and convince you that you are putting your family’s health at risk by not doing it. While duct cleaning can have some benefits to indoor air quality, it is far from a treatment for any diseases. For homes that have residents who suffer from respiratory problems, removing allergens from duct work can provide a certain level of relief. Particles such as dust, dander, mold, mildew, and rodent droppings can trigger allergies, asthma, and overall feelings of unwellness. If residents are often complaining of dry and itchy eyes, constant sneezing, headaches, and trouble breathing, consider having duct service in Monmouth County performed. Other cases in which duct cleaning could be beneficial are homes that are located near a construction zone, those that have recently undergone renovations, and homes with multiple shedding pets. However, even in cases where duct cleaning is necessary, it doesn’t need to be done often.

Who Performs DuctCleaning in Monmouth County?

Open end of duct work filled with dust and debris

Who a homeowner chooses to perform the service of duct cleaning in Monmouth County is perhaps a more important decision than deciding to have it done in the first place. There are many companies who claim to be able to perform duct services. It can be easy to fall for duct cleaning specials that cost less than $100. We’re here to warn you not to be fooled. Any business that claims to be able to complete duct cleaning quickly, cheaply, and immediately with no consultation should be avoided. No company worth hiring will be able to tell you exactly how much the services will cost without looking at your system to determine the size, layout, and condition. In addition to drive-by specials, homeowners should also avoid companies that make broad claims of the health benefits of duct cleaning.

Steps to Minimize Duct Work Contamination

Taking good care of your heating and cooling equipment is important. Not only does this reduce the likelihood that you’ll need emergency HVAC service, it minimizes the amount of debris that ends up inside duct work. The first step is to always use a properly rated air filter and stay up on its care. Located in the air handler, there is an air filter. This filter should be checked on average every three months. Ensuring your air filter is clean and free of debris helps to block particles from entering the system. It also keeps your system running efficiently. Secondly, keeping the exterior of your machines is essential. Maintaining three feet of space around any unit is ideal and is important in preserving efficiency. Dusting and cleaning off HVAC parts eliminates it from being sucked up into ductwork. Lastly, always have an annual inspection of your HVAC units.

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