2 children walking down path in a park where lawn is treated with Fiesta Turf Weed Killer

When it comes to turf care and landscaping, the industry is making a shift. Where once the market was flooded with chemicals and toxins, it is now filled with non-toxic and organic options. Many people used to avoid purchasing natural products because they previously cost more and were believed to be ineffective.  Today, however, the tide is changing. More and more turf care specialists and homeowners are searching for safe products to use on lawns. For one, because their popularity has increased, there are many more options which has brought the cost of these products down. Secondly, the myth that natural gardening pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers don’t work has been debunked over and over again. One of the top organic gardening weed control products is Fiesta Turf Weed Killer and it can safely be used just about anywhere.

Some General Information on Fiesta Weed Killer

Fiesta® Turf Weed Killer is a post emergent weed killer for broadleaf weeds. One of the most important details about Fiesta is that it is a targeted killer. This means it is super effective at controlling the target pest while leaving everything else safe. Furthermore, Fiesta works quickly. Users report seeing results within just a few hours. Occasionally, the blades of grass surrounding a target weed may brown after application, but will recover within a few days. It can also be used in cooler weather and can be used in many areas that restricts the use of pesticides. Plus, the technology used to create Fiesta® has been used for years in Canada since the “Cosmetic Pesticide Ban”. This law prohibits the use of all synthetic pesticides and removed them from the law care market. So, how does Fiesta® work?

Fiesta Turf Weed Killer Uses an Iron Chelate Solution

Chelated Iron is different from other Irons because it is more easily taken up by plants and keeps the iron stable by preventing it from oxidizing. All plants, including grass, love iron and need it to perform photosynthesis making it essential to a healthy, green lawn. However, a large uptake of iron is toxic to many broadleaf weeds because they process the iron differently than turf. This is how Fiesta is effective against weeds while leaving grass unaffected. Another benefit that homeowners especially appreciate is that there is no noxious smell associated with Fiesta turf weed killer. This product is suitable for both spot treatments and broadcast applications and is so safe that seeding programs will not be disrupted with its use. Fiesta® can be used as close to one day prior to seeding or one week after growth is seen.  

Fiesta is a Selective Weed Killer

Fiesta® is called a selective weed killer due to its impressive ability to target and kill only certain weeds and mosses while not affecting other plants in the area. Targeted pests include, but are not limited to:

Dandelions are just one weed affected by Fiesta Turf Weed Killer
  • Black medic (Medicago lupulina)
  • Broadleaf plantain (Plantago major)
  • Bull thistle (Cirsium vulgare)
  • Broad-leaved plantain (Plantago major)
  • Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense)
  • Common chickweed (Stellaria media)
  • Creeping buttercup (Ranunculus repens)
  • Dandelion (Taraxicum officinale)
  • Dovefoot geranium (Geranium molle)
  • English daisy (Bellis perennis)
  • False dandelion (Hypochoeris radicata)
  • Healall (Prunella vulgaris)
  • Lawn burweed (Soliva ptero-sperma)
  • Moss, liverworts, algae and lichens
  • Narrow-leaved plantain (Plantago lanceolata)
  • Oxalis (Oxalis spp.)
  • Persian Speedwell (Veronica persica)
  • Shepherd’s-purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris)
  • Silverweed cinquefoil (Potentilla anserina)
  • Slender speedwell (Veronica filiformis)
  • White clover (Trifolium repens)
  • Wild chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)
  • Wild geranium (Geranium robertianum)

Use Fiesta Just About Anywhere

2 children walking down path in a park where lawn is treated with Fiesta Turf Weed Killer

This product can be used in a multitude of environments. These include parks, school yards, cemeteries, athletic fields, and residential yards. One reason Fiesta® can be used in so many places is because of the extremely short re-entry time. People and pets can safely walk and play on lawns treated with Fiesta turf weed killer as soon as it is dry. Unlike chemical treatments where the area must be avoided for hours or even days, these restrictions aren’t applicable to Fiesta®. Another notable benefit of Fiesta is that it does not harm honey bees when used as directed. Spring is the perfect time to apply a weed killer. Contact a reputable organic gardening product dealer like Tech Terra Environmental to purchase Fiesta Turf Weed Killer today.

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